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Lazar’s Bazar is Eugene’s top source for quality Kratom capsules, powder, and tea.

We carry the largest selection of Kratom in Eugene, offering multiple brands & strains at low prices.

About Kratom

Kratom, known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant from Southeast Kratom LeavesAsia. Locals have been taking it for centuries dukratome to its many beneficial properties, both medicinal and recreational. It originates from a deciduous tree that is part of the coffee family, making it sought after by those looking for a natural source of energy. It was also discovered to have amazing pain relieving qualities.

Workers in Thailand have been chewing on the leaves or making tea out of the crushed and dried plant part, and found that when more of the powder was taken, the same plant that provided their stamina for the day, also brought about relief for their back aches at night. It has since gained wild popularity in the United States, and has proven to be a viable alternative to prescription pain relievers. The user’s ability to control the dose and the effect Kratom has sets it apart from other natural remedies. In lower doses, it acts as a stimulant, while higher doses yields pain relief. Interested? Read on to learn how Kratom can start benefiting you (regardless of what end of the mind altering spectrum you are looking for).

Types and Uses

Kratom can be broken into two types. There is the a white or the red/green strains, which correlate with the stimulating vs. pain relieving attributes. You will soon learn that many of the beneficial factors overlap between Kratom strains.

WHITE VEIN KRATOM – Looking for energy? Stop right here.

White Vein Kratom, with common names such as Maeng Da, are the go to type for workers looking to find a way to get them through their day.

Typical effects include:

  • A sense of excitement and renewed interest in everyday activities
  • Focus
  • Heightened sense of awareness
  • Natural Anti-depressant
  • Energy and wakefulness
  • Increased sexual stamina

GREEN & RED VEIN KRATOM – Need some instant pain relief? Look right here!

Green and Red Vein Kratom, with common names such as Potent Indo or Bali Girl, tend to have natural analgesic properties. People find great comfort and relief in knowing there is a natural alternative to today’s overly prescribed pharmaceuticals.

The effects of these strains are as follows:

  • Strong muscle relaxant
  • Vivid dreams, or lucid dreaming
  • Calm, social ease
  • Natural sleep aid
  • Analgesic (overall pain reliever, be in bones, muscles, joints etc.)
  • Sexual/Libido Enhancer (longer lasting sexual experiences)

Alternative to Opiate use (Kratom has been used to ease withdrawal in opiate addicts and those looking for a healthier alternative to prescription drugs.)

Brands We Carry

Below is just a sampling of our huge Kratom selection. To learn about our other offerings, please give us a call or visit the store to view our current inventory.

Kratom Therapy
Blue Lotus
Urban Ice
Lucky Botanicals
White Rabbit

We offer a large selection of multiple strains and forms of Kratom.

The best way to see our current Kratom choices, is to…

“Come on down town to Lazar’s Bazar and check them out.”


We have Kratom Therapy too!